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books for sale/trade/looking for (x-posted)

I'm doing my "clean out everything" thing...here are some books I'm selling and looking for.
Selling (1$ each unless otherwise noted)

Shakespeare – Coriolanus, Othello
Samuel Beckett – Waiting for Godot

Morley Callaghan – The Loved and the Lost
Tom Holt – The Walled Orchard
Andrew Neiderman - Perfect little angels
Richard Christian Matheson – Created By
Rosamond Smith – Soul/Mate
Tess Fragoulis – Ariadne’s Dream
Jacqueline Carey - Kushiel's Dart
The Color of evil (Anthology)
32 Degrees (Anthology)

*JUST ADDED* Immortal poems of the English Language (anthology)
Karen Armstrong – The Spiral Staircase (hardcover)
Susanna Kaysen – The Camera my Mother gave me (hardcover)
James Randi – The Supernatural A-Z
Ralph Levinson – Why do Eskimos rub noses?
Raymond Buckland – Ghosts, Hauntings & Possessions
Jack Handy – Deep Thoughts
Anita Larsen – Lost…and never found 2
Laws of the night
The Illustrated Cat Lover’s Notebook
San Fransisco on a Shoestring (9th ed, from 1995)
The Basics – A Rhetoric and Handbook

Looking for
Douglas Adams -last 3 books in Hitchhikers series
Chuck Palahniuk - Survivor, Lullabye
George Orwell - Animal Farm
Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett - Good Omens
Poppy Z Brite - D*u*c*k, Fear of the Unknown, Triads
Kate Bornstein - Gender Outlaw: on Men, Women and the Rest of Us
Irving Welsh - Trainspotting
Jeffery Eugenides - The Virgin Suicides, Middlesex

More stuff to come soon. If you find anything you want, comment or email me.
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